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The Healthy YOU program is a product of Diet Busters-a health and wellness company whose mission is to help you break your diet, get healthy and start living! We've witnessed countless individuals unknowingly diet themselves into unhealthy bodies. Quite frankly, we got fed up, grew fiercely passionate, and decided to do something about it.

We teach that a balanced and healthy life includes not only being physically active and eating nutritious foods, but also resting your body and making room for small amounts of your favorite foods-even chocolate! In fact, trying to be too perfect with your eating habits will most certainly set you up for failure.

We believe that if people were able to physically see the effects their lifestyle choices have on the inside of their body, they would naturally be more mindful about feeding, exercising and resting their body. The Healthy YOU program lets you take a peek inside of your body and helps you make choices that will promote optimal health and vitality.

If you could prevent diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease...why wouldn't you?

Melanie Jatsek RD

Melanie Jatsek is the creator of the Healthy YOU program-a complete health and wellness system. She is also the founder of Diet Busters, an organization whose chief aim is to help individuals make better, more informed food and lifestyle choices...without dieting.

She earned her Bachelor's of Science in Dietetics from the University of Akron and is the author of two published books on health and nutrition. Melanie has fourteen years of wellness programming experience and spends her time writing, consulting and speaking to corporations, associations and college campuses on how to break your diet, get healthy and start living!

Melanie believes the key to a healthy YOU involves: Eating whole, unprocessed food 90% of the time (while leaving 10% for a little fun!), regular and enjoyable physical activity, adequate rest and stress management.

Melanie's Health Philosophy: Your body is your residence. Would you rather live in a garbage dump or a 5-star resort?

Wayne Jatsek

Wayne Jatsek is the co-creator of the Healthy YOU program-a complete health and wellness system. He is also the Director of Corporate Relations with Diet Busters.

In 1994, Wayne was diagnosed with Adult Still's Disease-an inflammatory type of arthritis, similar to rheumatoid arthritis. Typical treatment included medications such as, Prednisone, Plaquenil, and numerous non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (none of which he was too crazy about taking.) Through diet, exercise and rest, Wayne was able to control the symptoms of the disease and has been medication-free since 2003.

Wayne attended The Ohio State University and the University of Akron where he studied Human Nutrition and Sports Medicine.

Wayne's Health Philosophy: Implementing change into your daily habits is a marathon, not a sprint. Too much too soon is a recipe for disaster and should be approached with extreme caution. Down the road, this could lead to some very dangerous and unwanted behaviors. Take it slow, it's not going to happen overnight - but it will happen.